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A day in the workshop

What a student does on the day really depends on their ability, I try not to do to much for them, the idea is they must make it, sometimes if a student is not quite getting the feel of it straight away then Ill assist, not do it for them but help them by also holding the tool, once the student has gone through a few excercises I can see what sort of project will work best for them, if the student is happy with the project then away we go, if they have something in mind, and there may be a very good reason for that then Ill make it happen, albut with a little assistance, the students always go home with something they are pleased with, for some they dont stop talking about it for a good few days, which is always good to hear in feed back.

With regards to shape and design, we all see things in a different way so, although I may make suggestions its always what the student wants, the reason for this is, firstly its their day and they should always really enjoy it, thats goes without saying, regardless of whether they intend to do more turning in the future or not, secondly you'll be surprised at the beautiful designs that come from having no boundaries, the design and grain on every turned piece of wood will be so different, students sometimes look at me when taking a photo of their work when I say "which is the front" so now all of a sudden they are seeing when they look and that usually produces a nice smile.

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