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Jacobs workshop time.

Jacob has now been here 3 times doing two days each time, he lives in London and visits his grandparents in Fareham on school holidays and his grandad brings him here, he's lucky enough to have a lathe at home, he did the basic learning what tools did what and how to turn safely, he asked to make a grinding jig like mine so on his 3rd visit thats what he did, he's a smart young man and made a brilliant job, he fitted the Robert Sorby Fingernail jig, his new jig and his new bench grinder to a board, Im looking forward to his next visit. This is Jacob making his grinding jig.


Review for Mick Giles (Crafty Mick)



I always wanted a lathe and when I got bought one, I had no idea how to use it then when I went to Micks’ workshop and started actually learning what to do, he showed me all the things I had done wrong, and I felt like I got better quickly. One of the many things that made me enjoy my time with Mick was that it felt like he wanted you to learn and that he was teaching because he enjoyed doing it.


The first project I made with Mick was a small bud vase this made me learn a lot about not only using the hand tools but also the different finishes that you could apply but also how to properly sand a project to get rid of any scratches. At the end he gave me a list of useful information that included what grits to use when sanding, a list of his equipment, how to store and dry green timber and then some other useful tips.


I now know how to use and operate my lathe safely and know what I need to make the projects that I want. But best of all were the constant tips and advice Mick was giving me, I feel like I really learnt a lot in those two days. But I must remember to set my feet properly, slow down my cutting when woodturning and call my shed a workshop.

Jacob (aged 14)

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