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Acerca de

The Story so far

I started out doing boatbuilding with Westerly Marine boat builders, I then moved about a bit working at the back of a bandaw cutting fencing boards, thousands of them, I did a bit of ground work, a few years on the front of a big resaw at J F Goodwillies, making and fitting shopfronts around the country, making and fitting at Conquest Kitchens, and the past 30 or so years working for myself doing anything to do with houses to what I like to think as quite a high standard of work, extentions, roofing, 1st and 2nd fix, plumbing, electrics, brickwork, design, build and planning applications.


Over about a 20 year period I did a lot of work on a converted church in Aldershot including walls around two courtyards, two road facing walls had gothic windows, granite sets and gargoyles and very ornate framed garden gates, plus a very busy bin/tool shed with oak fascias, doors and roof shakes.




I also helped somebody who was making kitchens to build and fit them, its was here I used a lathe for the 1st time, I turned some corner mouldings for an island unit, there was a lot of workshop experience during these years using hand tools and a good mixture of machinery to.

I’ve been teaching adults and children woodturning and workshop skills for 20 plus years now, and I have a current DBS and insurance. I absolutely love meeting new students, every student throws up new challenges for me and I enjoy making things happen, they say "a person who enjoys their work, never works" that is so true, a day in the workshop is always enjoyable for both me and the student. It’s interesting to see how their life style shapes their ideas, I never say no to a design and that produces some amazing designs, which in some worlds would be frowned upon, I’m sure. I'm often heard saying "the woodturning police won’t be coming round knocking on your door, that’s not my saying but all credit to who ever said it first.


If your local to me here in Farlington Portsmouth and interested in a day’s workshop experience, and that could be joinery, machinery, woodturning etc, then I’m more than happy to arrange a meeting for a chat first. Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right instructor who can easily adapt to your learning style, skill level, and goals for growth. I like to think I provide exactly that for each of my students. I really enjoy these meetings, getting to know people and understand what they are looking for is interesting, and for those that haven't committed to buying tools or machinery yet is a plus because I can advise them before they buy the wrong things, sadly a lot have. So, Email me and arrange a meeting if your intrigued by the prospect of turning a scrap of firewood into a beautiful object.

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