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My workshop is open to anybody of any age that either wants to learn a skill or to just make a one of project. I have a number of regular students and the number is growing slowly, Ill post  updates and pictures of projects they are working on here, its not always going to be woodturning, for the younger students its more about life skills, the workshop experience builds confidence.

Dad Jeff & son Archie (12) had a good few woodturning lessons, Henry and Emily (schoolchildren) used to be here after school once a week but have now moved up to a bigger school and sadly the traveling doesnt allow visits anymore. Henry & Emily came here one Saturday and built a machine to burn numbers on 30cm x 15cm boards to make a large domino set for their school, very exciting using a gas torch to keep the stamp hot, they easly got organised sorting what numbers to put on each board, they also made a working Trebuchet that sent a golf ball a 100M down the road on a quiet industrial site, these are two very smart well behaved children, I really miss their visits, so full of energy and excitment. I have a growing number of adults now learning basic skills and producing some interesting projects at home.

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